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Hello loves,

So as I said yesterday, or at least I wanted to mention yesterday.
I purged the night before yesterday. My throat was already sore, then my family went to the dredded place called Sonic.
(Food Under Cut, May Be Triggering.)
Grilled Cheese
Small Blue Cocanut Slush
Tator Tots
6 Onion Rings

When I got home I purged as much of it up as I could. Bad Idea with a sore throat.
So now I have an uber sore throat. :( Way better than being fat though.

Anyways today I felt under the weather so I basically stayed in bed ALL DAY! Ugh so lazy.

But in spite of everything I still managed to hall my huge ass up and eat 530 Cals!!! :( So sad.

I'll do better. MUCH BETTER!!!

Until then my dears!

I worry about you.
I added you on MSN. I hope you don't mind.
Hopefully we could chat.

My MSN= live_thin@hotmail.com