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Hey Loverlies,

So went to school,that was fine, mood apathetic.

Then I come home. UGHHHHH don't even want to get into that right now. Most of it involves my mom. Love her to death, but some of the things she does really gets to me.

Anyways the first thing I do when I walk through the door is chug some wine. That's a butload of cals. Then I eat a couple of thin mint cookies. Then I eat some potato soup.

I fail so effing much!
I think I'm going to purge it out.

I need to be better!! So so much better! I'll start carrying my cal counting book with me tomorrow.
The problem is not during the day, its during the night.
I will be better!!!
I think I will start the Marykate Chanllenge.
Anyone want to join me?
(Deleted comment)
It is very similar to the 28 day plan if you have ever heard of that, but a tad diff. I like it alot better and find it way more inspiring.
You go throughout the day doing certain challenges and according to whether or not you pass them determins the amount of points you get for the day.
The challenges are more specific than the 28 day plan.
Such as:
How much water you drink
Whether you fast or not
How many cals you burn
How many sit ups you do
Whether you post your results or not
And several more things

Each of these things earn a certain amount of points.
If your interested I'll send you the actual scoring sheet.
Saw you in anabuddies... add me?