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Hello loves,

So as I said yesterday, or at least I wanted to mention yesterday.
I purged the night before yesterday. My throat was already sore, then my family went to the dredded place called Sonic.
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When I got home I purged as much of it up as I could. Bad Idea with a sore throat.
So now I have an uber sore throat. :( Way better than being fat though.

Anyways today I felt under the weather so I basically stayed in bed ALL DAY! Ugh so lazy.

But in spite of everything I still managed to hall my huge ass up and eat 530 Cals!!! :( So sad.

I'll do better. MUCH BETTER!!!

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I'm sorry for being a post whore!!!

Last night I purged and my throat hurts really bad. :(
I really need to stop purging but it's so addictive you know?

Hey my loverly people!!
I've missed you!!!

So for the past week I have had to eat "normaly".
Happy Note: Several people said "Whoah, have you lost weight?" "You've lost so much weight since last summer!!"
Anyways I thought that eating "normally" had killed me. Just when I thought that I had been doing so well getting back on track.
Then I got on the scale and guess what it said!?!?!?!?
Still disgusting I know. Anywho I think now is a good time to Re-establish my Stats.

Height: 5'6''
Highest Weight: 160
Current Weight: 133
Goal Weight # 1: 129
Goal Weight # 2: 125
Goal Weight # 3: 121
Ultimate Goal Weight: 100 or 99  

Another thing that I wanted to put up, are my measurments.

Height: 66 in
Neck: 12 in
Bust: 34 in
Waist: 27 in
Hips: 35 in
Glutes: 38 in
Right Thigh: 19 in
Left Thigh: 19 in
Right Upper Arm: 10 in
Left Upper Arm: 10 in

What are your measurments girlies??? I would love to know!! :)

Lots of love

So today I started The Mary Kate Challenge. It has worked wonders for me in the past. So why not do it again. :) I posted the entire rubric here just incase you girlies wanted to do it with me. I didn't have time to excercise today and that really killed me. :( But I did do the 120 sit ups. Yay! Had to pee alot with all of the water I drank!!! AHhhhhhhh!!!

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Daily Total: ATM (42/58) 72%
I have to do better.
Thinspo of the Day
Lots of Love ;)
Hey Loverlies,

So went to school,that was fine, mood apathetic.

Then I come home. UGHHHHH don't even want to get into that right now. Most of it involves my mom. Love her to death, but some of the things she does really gets to me.

Anyways the first thing I do when I walk through the door is chug some wine. That's a butload of cals. Then I eat a couple of thin mint cookies. Then I eat some potato soup.

I fail so effing much!
I think I'm going to purge it out.

I need to be better!! So so much better! I'll start carrying my cal counting book with me tomorrow.
The problem is not during the day, its during the night.
I will be better!!!
I think I will start the Marykate Chanllenge.
Anyone want to join me?
Hey Loverlies,

I haven't been as commited to "Ana" and "Mia" as I should have been in the last couple monthes. And I've paid for it. Although I've lost alot of weight through my meds I still feel like it's not enough. Big surprise. I'm not frustraighted about loosing weight because I know I can do it.
It's hard to explain. But here is my best shot. I'm been a dancer for a looonnnnnggggg time. And being a dancer you end up building muscel. Muscel weighs more than fat.
According to everyone, I am super skinny. I can fit into most smalls. I have no boobs. Still I weigh the disgusting amount of 130. But I seriously don't appear to weigh that much. Everybody thinks that I weigh like 100-115?
What is my flipping problem? Is it the muscel? WHAT THE CRAP???  Does anybody else have this problem?
This year has been stressfull in so many ways so I think that I have been a wimp and not cared. I don't know how, all I know is that I'm unhappy.
I can't be this ugly anymore! It's tearing me appart constantly.
My body is showing signs that its loosing, but my weight is still so effing disgusting.

Hey girlys!

I found a kickbutt workout video. I'm serious, It's kicking my butt, and helping me burn tons of calories in the process!

Here it is check it out!



So far this is the amount of calories I have burned.

Sitting doing Homework/Studying- 7 Hours= 806 Calories Burned
Running/Walking-38 Minutes=  284 Calories Burned
Total= 1090 calories burned

I'm skipping dinner, doing some more homework, and then I'm going to try and excercise some more.
Today has been pretty good in the Fasting and excercising category.

Prolly be back on here later! :)


So recently I had just completed a four day fast. It was amazing...But then I had to go off of it for what was supposed to be a day and it turned into three days.

I'm fasting again and I just got on my scale. I feel like I dont even have the right to be here talking to you guys.

So help me, nothing is passing my lips today, and I am working out.

Here is my workout:

Warm Up:
20 min of running

Dip your toes 3 sets of 8
Reverse Curl 3 sets of 8
Ab Bicycle 3 sets of 8
Ab Froggy 3 sets of 8
Ab Heel Push 3 sets of 10
Straight Leg Scissors 3 sets of 10

Squat with Dumbells 3 sets of 15
Deadlift with Dumbells 3 sets of 15
Booty Hydrant 3 sets of 15

Inner Thigh Lift 2 sets of 20
Hydrant Inner Thigh 2 sets of 20
V-Squeeze 2 sets of 20

Triceps Kickback-3sets of 10
Biceps Curl 3 sets of 10
Triceps Pushup-3 sets of 10

Thats about it. Maybe then I can go running somemore as punishment.

So tomorrow I'm starting my four day fast. The last one I lost 5 pounds! Yay
So wish me luck!

Going to excercise my "fucking lazy ass" off!

Hahah thanks to my friend who gave me the motivation I needed!