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Hey my loverly people!!
I've missed you!!!

So for the past week I have had to eat "normaly".
Happy Note: Several people said "Whoah, have you lost weight?" "You've lost so much weight since last summer!!"
Anyways I thought that eating "normally" had killed me. Just when I thought that I had been doing so well getting back on track.
Then I got on the scale and guess what it said!?!?!?!?
Still disgusting I know. Anywho I think now is a good time to Re-establish my Stats.

Height: 5'6''
Highest Weight: 160
Current Weight: 133
Goal Weight # 1: 129
Goal Weight # 2: 125
Goal Weight # 3: 121
Ultimate Goal Weight: 100 or 99  

Another thing that I wanted to put up, are my measurments.

Height: 66 in
Neck: 12 in
Bust: 34 in
Waist: 27 in
Hips: 35 in
Glutes: 38 in
Right Thigh: 19 in
Left Thigh: 19 in
Right Upper Arm: 10 in
Left Upper Arm: 10 in

What are your measurments girlies??? I would love to know!! :)

Lots of love

we're still at about the same stats! I love you, don't be ashamed for posting, we get it! I post more than you :P I love you so much, we can do it!