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Hey Loverlies,

I haven't been as commited to "Ana" and "Mia" as I should have been in the last couple monthes. And I've paid for it. Although I've lost alot of weight through my meds I still feel like it's not enough. Big surprise. I'm not frustraighted about loosing weight because I know I can do it.
It's hard to explain. But here is my best shot. I'm been a dancer for a looonnnnnggggg time. And being a dancer you end up building muscel. Muscel weighs more than fat.
According to everyone, I am super skinny. I can fit into most smalls. I have no boobs. Still I weigh the disgusting amount of 130. But I seriously don't appear to weigh that much. Everybody thinks that I weigh like 100-115?
What is my flipping problem? Is it the muscel? WHAT THE CRAP???  Does anybody else have this problem?
This year has been stressfull in so many ways so I think that I have been a wimp and not cared. I don't know how, all I know is that I'm unhappy.
I can't be this ugly anymore! It's tearing me appart constantly.
My body is showing signs that its loosing, but my weight is still so effing disgusting.
I can relate to your situation. I've been active all my life...always playing basketball & soccer...most recently I run and bike to keep thin...but this all builds muscle and I feel disgusting at 122 :(

I'm told I'm skinny, but never have been comfortable with my body and it kills me :(

Thank God I'm not the only one. Lol Nice to know there are others like me out there. Guess there are some more days of fasting for me! lol
Haha, oh yes. Probably more than either of us could imagine. Most people just don't like to admit it.

More days of fasting for me too! I've already lost 4 pounds :)
Lol you are so right. Wow you go girl!!! Thats Awesome!! We can do it!!
Yes we can! :)
The hard part for me is after I've figured that out...I'm more tempted to allow myself something for doing good.

Just have to realize that it will just add it back on so it's a no go for that! Haha.

Stay strong!
Oh I know what you mean!!! So frustrating. But fitting in to an xs when shopping is much more enjoyable than a cookie.
Same to you girly!!