So recently I had just completed a four day fast. It was amazing...But then I had to go off of it for what was supposed to be a day and it turned into three days.

I'm fasting again and I just got on my scale. I feel like I dont even have the right to be here talking to you guys.

So help me, nothing is passing my lips today, and I am working out.

Here is my workout:

Warm Up:
20 min of running

Dip your toes 3 sets of 8
Reverse Curl 3 sets of 8
Ab Bicycle 3 sets of 8
Ab Froggy 3 sets of 8
Ab Heel Push 3 sets of 10
Straight Leg Scissors 3 sets of 10

Squat with Dumbells 3 sets of 15
Deadlift with Dumbells 3 sets of 15
Booty Hydrant 3 sets of 15

Inner Thigh Lift 2 sets of 20
Hydrant Inner Thigh 2 sets of 20
V-Squeeze 2 sets of 20

Triceps Kickback-3sets of 10
Biceps Curl 3 sets of 10
Triceps Pushup-3 sets of 10

Thats about it. Maybe then I can go running somemore as punishment.